Multiple Characters

There are different characters in the game, you can select any of them if you want to. They have same stats, they just look differently.

High Scores

Those of you who will manage to reach higher levels and defeat tough opponents have opportunity to join 'Hall of Fame', aka High Score.


Game also has 'Cheats' section, if you know any available cheat codes you can enter them there, but it is always better to play fair IMHO.

GunBloodAre you fan of Wild West? All that shootout and horse riding and stuff like that? Now you have opportunity to challenge other shooters and find-out who fastest hand in The Wild West is. You can do it in the following flash game – GunBlood, keep in mind that it is free online game and you can play it here, on our blog – GunBlood.Games.

With that being said, let me give you some tips which can help you in the game:

1) Make sure that you always aim your opponent in the critical areas of the body (head, chest).
2) When you get shot in the leg you don’t die, your character just falls on the ground and fight still continues.
3) You might lose first rounds, but once you get some practice you will see slow progress, however in higher levels you get stronger opponents which shoot very fast so be careful.

Main benefits of this game is that it can help you to improve your fast reaction, this will help you to play better other games as well, so this is win win situation, you can enjoy the game and you can improve your skills as well.

So what are you waiting for? Start your duel asap and challenge your opponents in order to get title: “Fastest Hand in The West”.